Mini Meatloaves stuffed with Egg

mini meatloaves www

Today I am making Mini Meatloaves stuffed with Egg. They can be eaten warm alone or with dinner and served… Continue reading »

Breaded Cauliflower


On a warm sunny day when cauliflowers are in season I feel like eating something light, simple and meat-free. I… Continue reading »

Polish Potato Pancakes

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Polish Potato Pancakes “Placki Ziemniaczane” as many of typical polish meals include potatoes as a main ingredient. Potato is the most… Continue reading »

Coleslaw Salad Recipe – Surówka z białej kapusty

coleslaw surowka z kapusty www

Summer is barbecue time and when it comes to barbecue I think of coleslaw as a side dish along with… Continue reading »

Creamy Dill Lemon Dip – Sauce Recipe

Dill Lemon Sauce

This sauce is a quick fix recipe based on ingredients you should always find in your cabinet. It is a… Continue reading »

Tuna Salad Recipe

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  Happy Fish Day – today I am preparing quick and simple food that is Tuna Salad. This is one… Continue reading »

Fish Cakes Recipe

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Today is another ‘fish day – Friday’ and I would like to share the recipe that I truly believe is… Continue reading »

Celery Root Salad Recipe

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  Celery Root Salad in Poland known as “Surowka z Selera” is a popular side to be eaten along with… Continue reading »

Herring Salad Recipe

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  Herring Salad (in Polish Salatka Sledziowa) is a traditional fasting meal that Poles for 2 main holidays – when… Continue reading »

Arugula Salad Recipe

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Spring is on the horizon and I am missing my greens. I have to admit I do not eat green… Continue reading »