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Polish Winter Vegetable ‘Jarzynowa’ Salad Recipe

Polish Vegetable Salad is a traditional Polish side dish usually served at weddings or holiday celebrations. It is prepared from cooked root vegetables (potato + carrot + parsley root + celery root) combined with cucumbers in brine and hard-cooked eggs in mayonnaise and mustard sauce.
The secret of a good Polish Salad is to have all the ingredients diced very fine, no larger than a green pea. This salad is found as a cold starter especially for breakfast at Christmas and Easter and served with cold cuts, cheese and bread.

Vegetable Salad Ingredients:
-2 Potatoes
-2 Carrots
-2 Parsley Roots or Parsnip
-1 small Celery Root
-4 Eggs
-4 Cucumbers in brine (Pickles)
-1 cup Green Peas
-1 small Onion (egg size or smaller)

To make Sauce:
-6 tbsp Mayonnaise
-6 tbsp Sour Cream or Yogurt
-1 tsp Mustard
-Salt, Pepper


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