Polish Traditional Cucumbers in Brine Recipe

Today, middle of the summer and cucumber season. And perfect time for one of the most famous polish specialties which you will not get easily in a store abroad. You will find pickles, which are cucumbers in vinegar but not these. Cucumbers in brine are widely used in polish cousine paired with dinner or lunch, as an ingredient in salads as well as alone as side with drinks.

This is such an easy recipe, so give it a try!


PREP TIME: 20 min + 1 week rest

1. Ground cucumbers 1kg/2lb
2. Fennel or dill flowers – 2 pieces
3. Garlic – 4 cloves
4. Horseradish – 4 cm piece
5. Salt – 1 tbsp
6. Water – 2l/4cups

1. Wash cucumbers in cold water and place them tight into 2 1 liter jars, fennel/dill, garlic, horseradish (cut in stalks).
2. Bring water with salt to boil
3. Pour over cucumbers into jars little before the edge.
4. Cover with lid and store in a dark place for about a week. They can be stored much longer than that. Refrigerate after opening.

WATCH OUT: if the lid leaks, the cucumbers will most likely spoil.

TIP: you can add chilies if you like spicy

PAIR WITH: dinner, lunch, in salads ( ), with drinks, beer, alone as snack, barbecue, burgers, and many

























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