Polish ‘Zapiekanka’ Baked Cheese Baguette Recipe

Zapiekanka is Polish name for traditional street food in every city in Poland.
Zapiekanka is an open-face sandwich made from halved baguette topped with sauteed mushrooms and cheese, also ham or salami, sprinkled with oregano and sweet paprika and then baked in the oven. Nowadays when the streets of Poland are crowded with places selling this most popular low-cost fast food you will find modified versions using more ingredients like “Greek” zapiekanka with olives and feta cheese, “Hawaiian” zapiekanka with pineapple, etc.
For Polish zapiekanka is like pizza for americans, you can have many versions of it but plain pizza will always be best 🙂

In this video recipe, Ula shows how to make zapiekanka delicious and quick.

Zapiekanka Ingredients:
(makes 2)
-1 Baguette (12″), halved
-1 pack Mushrooms (1/2 lb or 250g)
-Gouda Cheese, slices
-Salami (sliced)
-Oregano, Sweet Paprika

Zapiekanka can be served with ketchup on top.


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One thought on “Polish ‘Zapiekanka’ Baked Cheese Baguette Recipe

  1. Im form Mexico, and the very first time a saw those zapiekanka I thought on mexican “molletes”, but, to be honest, zapiekanka absolutely rocks! I love it, and thanks for the recipe I’ll try it on weekend =D

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