Polish-Chinese Garlic Broccoli with Beef Recipe

Sometimes I feel that foreign recipes are quicker to prepare than traditional polish. It is probably because I don’t make the other ones the proper way, while when I cook typical polish ones I need to do them right way. That is the whole philosophy. Please enjoy below super easy broccoli with beef my way  


PREP TIME: 15min

1. Fresh broccoli
2. 1 onion (6-7cm), cut in edges
3. 5 garlic cloves, sliced
4. 300g mushroom, sliced
5. 3 dried chillies or 1 fresh chili pepper sliced
6. 100g beef, sliced very thinly
7. Oil for frying

1. 2tbsp sugar
2. Half lime juice
3. 1 tbsp oyster sauce
4. 4tbsp soy-mushroom sauce (or just dark soy sauce)
5. 1 tbsp potato flower
6. 1 cup water
(Taste the sauce, should be salty, sweet and sour)

1. For the sauce, mix ingredients 1-5 then add water, stir and set aside

2. Brung water to cook in big pot to for broccoli , and place broccoli in and boil for 1min, drain, cut flowerets into small pieces

3. Chilis and oil, heat up (chilis in cold oil brought to heat will release spiciness)

4. Add beef for and fry until no longer red

5. Add ingredients 1-4 and fry for 3 min on high heat, keep stirring all the time, don’t let it burn

6. Lower heat, add sauce, bring slowly to boil, the sauce should bubble. Ready to serve.

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