Polish ‘bezy’ Meringue – most delicious sweets

Hi – have some leftover egg whites? Or maybe just feel like delicious sweet desert? You are in the right place, this will be the easiest most desirable bite ever.


Prep time:
5min + 60-90min bake time

-4 egg whites, room temperature
-1 cup sugar
-pinch of salt

1. Set you oven to 100C (210F)
2. Beat egg whites until foam is firm, your bowl can go upside down and whites ‘stick’
3. Add salt, and start adding sugar very slowly while whisking until sugar disolves
4. Place on baking sheet with a spoon
5. Bake in 100C for 65 min for inside chewy to 90 min if you want them all crispy.
6. Leave in the oven with open door until cool.

Serve with:
Coffee ☕️















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