Arugula, Beet & Feta Salad Recipe

Beet is my other favourite root vegetable, and you know I love root veggies as much for the taste as for their healthy value. Beetroot can improve athletic performance, lower blood pressure, but in my case I want to increase my blood flow, build red blood cells and get some iron and other minerals.
Beets are not that popular maybe because they have a ‘hidden’ taste but with the right ‘company’ such as spices, marinade, dressing – they make very very tasty meals.



Arugula salad package of 100g, washed
1/2 kg small beets
1 red onion
Grape Tomatoes 100g (optional)
Feta cheese 150g
Sunflower or pumpkin seeds – 4 tbsp
Lemon – 2 tbsp
Olive – 2 tsbp


1/4 cup olive oil
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp mustard


1. Bake beets (not peeled) in a caserole dish for 60 minutes at 180 C (350F). Cool them and peel, then cut in 0.5cm slices.
Ulternatively, you can steem them, peeled and sliced for 60 minutes. Cool them.
2. Place cool beets in  a bowl, sprinkle with olive, lemon and salt. Cover and refrigerate
3. In a small bowl, combine dressing, mix until well blended
4. Roast seeds on the frying pan or in oven (I prefer pumpkin but sunflower are also good)
5. Place arugula on a plate (this portion makes 4 plates, so use 1/4 of your arugula portion for each), beets, crumble feta cheese, red onion thin slices, tomatoes if you like
6. Sprinkle salad with seeds and dressing


Bread, baguette, pita

Below the tomatoes are replaced with avocado:


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