Peeled Barley Fresh Veggie Salad

I am recently obsessed with eating all kind of barley and believe me or not – they are not only super healthy but also tasty and easy to prepare.

Today I am introducing peeled barley as a main ingredient for a refreshing spring salad.
It can be prepared all year long as ingredients are available at any time of the year.
Try this quick&simple-cut&mix recipe and let me know what you think.


-1 cup dry Peeled Barley
-1 Cucumber
-1 cup grape Tomatoes
-1 Red Bell Pepper
-Green Onions
-Red Onion
-fresh Parsley Leaves
-fresh Dill
-fresh Basil Leaves
-Rose Wine Vinegar
-Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds


1. Bring water to boil and add peeled barley and cook for around 20 minutes. Rinse in cold water and cool.
2. Cut Cucumber, Bell Pepper in half inch *1 cm* pieces. Grape tomatoes in half. Chop Green Onions, Red Onion cut in moon size slices.
3. Chop or tear herbs: Dill, Parsley and Basil.
4. Mix all together, adding 1/3 cup of olive oil and 2 Tbsp of Vinegar. Season with Salt and Pepper, then garnish with seeds.

PREP TIME: 30 min


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