Polish Schnitzel ‘Kotlet Mielony’ Recipe

Polish Schnitzel [sznycel, kotlet mielony] is a traditional Polish main course. Polish Schnitzel is not what most of you think it is 🙂 Polish schnitzel is a mix of 3 ground meats (pork+veal+beef) with some other ingredients and spices which is breaded and fried.

In the below video recipe, I will show how to make the perfect one:

-1lb Ground Meat (mix of veal+pork+beef is best)
-Onion (1 slice of a big Spanish one)
-Green Onions
-1 Egg
-2 tbsp Ketchup or Tomato Paste
-1/3 cup Bread Crumbs
-Salt, Pepper

-Bread Crumbs for breading
-Oil for frying

sznycel kapusta ziemniaczki (3) kopia




Schnitzel is usually served with hot and cold side dish. I always eat it with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut salad.


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4 thoughts on “Polish Schnitzel ‘Kotlet Mielony’ Recipe

  1. Make your mashed potato with whatever ingredients you normally use.
    Add Celery Root in amount of 1/3 of the potatoes.

    Peel off root ball clean and dice in 3/4 inch chunks, boil this mixed in with the potato chunks.

    Finish the boiled mix as you normally do.

    For those who love onions, chop 1 Vidalia with food processor and saute in little butter until near light brown and add to the mashed potato / cellery root mix.

  2. sorry…. it is great that so many people are cooking polish dishes, however, this makes confusion as schnitzel is originated from Austria has many varieties also Polish as historically we had been influenced by austro – hungarian emporium, BUT definitely is not minced meat. kotlet mielony is more like mincemeat cutlet. Please respect Polsih tradition and make sure you translate correctly, regards

    1. I somehow agree with you and will work on making a correction. However in Poland, depending on the area, minced meat ‘burger’ is called ‘sznycel’ which is ‘mielony’. And ‘sznycel’ translated to ‘Schnitzel’.
      But I agree it causes confusion and I will correct the naming.

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